PART ONE: Unlikely Heroes

What exactly is a Hero? Let's find out.

Part Two: The "F" Word

"The first step towards forgiveness is understanding the other person is a complete idiot." -Chandler Bing

Maybe not...

Part Three: Kryptonite

There are things in our lives that act as a kryptonite and render us powerless. How we overcome them is a key step to becoming Heroes in our lives.

Part Four: Angry Jesus

It's easy to become so worried about how we act towards God that we forget about those around us. That was never the intent.

Part Five: Generosity > Theology

Jesus brought a message that wasn't just meant to be re-told, but re-lived.

I Am Somebody Else

When we see misfortune in the world or somebody in need we have a tendency to say, "Somebody should do something." Maybe we are that somebody.