Part 1


Part 2: Wisdom

As humans, stepping from the present into the future is an act of continuing uncertainty. Wisdom is the tool that allows us to step in this uncertainty and live it well.

Part 3: Action

When we hear that little voice inside telling us not to do something, why do we still do it? Why is there often a gap between what we know and what we do? Lets find out...

Part 4: Mercy

Mercy is a critical ingredient to living it well. We can only show mercy when we realize our need for mercy.

Part 5: Trust

God's greatest desire from you is trust. The way we show our trust to god is by saying "I will" to him before we even know the question

Part 6: Words

If actions pave the way for living it well, words are one of the most powerful vehicles to get us there.

Part 7: Money

"Money doesn't make you happy" A statement we've all heard, but do we really believe? And is it true? Maybe there is a connection between money and happiness.

Part 8: Peace

What is the one thing every person living it well has in common?